Hampton Inn offers comfortable stay in Kearney

Hampton Inn in Kearney, Nebraska, is new to the area, but already looks like it will be popular with visitors. We stayed at the hotel during a recent trip to central Nebraska. The hotel was hosting several youth basketball teams, since the city was hosting a large tournament. The neat thing about the hotel was […]

Pioneer Village provides lesson in American progress

Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska, offers visitors a chance to look back through American history. The museum focuses on life in America from the mid-1800s to the mid-1960s. I remember visiting Pioneer Village as a small child. My dad had borrowed a school bus that had been converted into a camper, and we loaded up […]

Kearney Archway offers “look” into westward migration

Designed as a tribute to Nebraska’s pioneer history and the role the Platte River valley played in American westward expansion, the Kearney Archway has not quite succeeded in its goals. Officially named the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, the museum has struggled financially almost from the start. It recently filed for bankruptcy protection. It […]

Crane Watch 2013

Up to half a million Sandhill Cranes visit central Nebraska annually. They are a magnificent sight to see. Cranes are gray with a red crown on their head. Their height ranges from 2.5 feet to almost 4 feet. They weigh 8-10 lbs. The wingspan can range between 5 -7 feet. Sandhill Cranes have migrated through […]

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