Arbor Day has roots in Nebraska; Tree beauty abounds

Warren Buffett is credited with saying “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago.” How many of us even think about a tree’s life when we see them or take a rest under the shade? I know I’ve been among the many who complain during the Fall when leaves […]

Filipino heroes immortalized with monuments

The Philippines has a long history of having to overcome oppressive regimes, bent on denying freedom for the citizens. The country has been controlled by the Spanish, Japanese and Americans. The United States, having defeated the Spanish during the 1898 war, managed the Philippines until 1946, when the nation was granted its independence from all […]

Manila military cemeteries honor American, Filipino and allied fallen

Memorial Day means more than the unofficial start to summer, a three-day weekend, cooking out and camping. Its true meaning is a time when we honor the men and women who fallen in the line of service, representing the United States in times of military conflict – from the War for Independence to the Middle […]

Mixing business with fun – My business trip to Manila, Philippines

How many of us have been able to combine work with fun when traveling? It’s weird to think that two years ago, I spent a month in Manila, Philippines, on business. I decided that when not at work, I was going to be a tourist and take advantage of the opportunity my company provided me. […]

Rainy days bring Philippines memories

So, I was driving into work the other day during a downpour. I mentioned to a co-worker how the rain reminded me of our drives to the office in Manila a couple of years ago. We were there for a month to help support a new office for work. She mentioned that at least the […]

Corregidor – Filipino island played key role during World War II

It’s been almost two years since I had the opportunity to travel to The Philippines for work. It was a great trip and a wonderful learning opportunity. I did my research (duh!) in finding places to visit. It helped that several colleagues had already traveled there, so they were able to give me some tips, […]

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