Clear Lake offers tons of great dining


Try not finding a good spot to eat in Clear Lake. I dare you. We enjoyed a few good meals at spots along the lake during our recent visit.

The Anchor Inn was recommended as a place to grab a decent lunch at a good price. It about a block’s walk from the lake. It is next door to both the famous Surf Ballroom and the 3-Star memorial. The memorial honors the three Rock ‘n’ Roll stars killed in a plane crash after performing at the Surf in 1959 – Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. The streets around the block each have the stars’ names.


The Anchor Inn is more than just a restaurant next door to the sites. It has a dynamite meu and delicious food. We started our lunch with an appetizer of onion strings. The fried onions were quite tasty with their homemade dipping sauce.


Lisa had a grilled chicken sandwich topped with pesto for lunch. I had a steak sandwich. We each had an order of fries.


Lisa enjoyed her lunch. The chicken was moist and cooked perfectly. I’m not a pesto fan, but she seemed to enjoy her sandwich. The bite I sampled was good as far as the chicken was concerned. The pesto was good, if you like pesto.

My steak came on Texas toast. I actually ended up removing the steak from the bread, because the steak was so good.


Later in the day, during a walk along Clear Lake, we stopped downtown at Cookies, Etc. The cookies are made from scratch. They are amazing! We sat on a bench and looked out over the lake while enjoying our treat.


Following a lake boat cruise on the Lady of The Lake, we checked out The Landing at the South Shore Inn for dinner. We opted for burgers. Lisa had a Bourbon burger with a great-tasting sauce. Unfortunately, hers came with mushrooms.


I had the classic burger, which was very good. Restaurants seem to put a lot of effort in fancy dishes, and let burgers go by the wayside. Not here. The Landing has some great burgers. We included a side of sweet potato fries with our meal.

We enjoyed breakfast on consecutive days at PM Park on the North Shore. The restaurant offers a Sunday buffet. It looked tempting, but I opted for (hopefully) less calories. I had a generic ham and cheese omelet with hash browns and toast. Both days. If I like something, I tend to stick with it when traveling. My choice was good, since I had it both days.


Lisa changed up. The first day, she had a French toast order. It was tasty.


The second day, she had Billy Gail’s famous French cakes. They were pancakes w=coated with French toast topping. Mmmmm, mmmmm good.


One morning, we stopped for coffee at Cabin Coffee. It was one of the best vanilla lattes I’ve ever tasted.


We also sampled a cinnamon roll they offered. Delicisio!


The coffee shop has a western theme, with a high top table using a couple of saddles as chairs. It was popular with kids.


Lunch was at Backyard Deli downtown Clear Lake. WE split a French dip sandwich and chips. It was the perfect warm lunch for a cool, rainy day.


Clear Lake has a lot of dining options. We plan to stop by one of them on our next trip up north to Minnesota.

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