Clearwater Beach’s Sugar Sand Festival carves up fantastic sand art

Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival

What if you went to the beach and there was no sand? What if all the sand was gathered up and used to build sandcastles? Impossible, you say?! You may be right, but about 1,000 tons of Clearwater’s white sand was used to create some of the most beautiful sand sculptures we’ve ever seen as part of the annual Sugar Sands Festival.

The third annual Sugar Sand Festival was hosted near Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach.

Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Team Sandtastic – a group of professional sculptors – used 11 team members to create the pieces over a nine-day period.

The third annual festival’s theme was enchanted tales, and featured a variety of fairy tales.

Sugar Sand Festival - Themed Once Upon a Time

The seven dwarfs found their way to Clearwater as part of the event.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Sugar Sand Festival

My favorite sculpture was “The Three Little Pigs.” I loved the art work on it. Though, I admit it was difficult choosing just one piece to call a favorite.

The Three Little Pigs at Sugar Sand Festival

Lisa liked “The Boy who cried Wolf” the most.

Boy Cried Wolf at Sugar Sand Festival

The Little Mermaid was an outstanding sculpture.

The Little Mermaid at Sugar Sand Festival

Who are we kidding? Every sand sculpture was amazing! The team creating the artwork was an impressive group.

Aladdin and the genie made an appearance.

Aladdin and the Genie at Sugar Sand Festival

The gingerbread cookie had yet to lose any of his gumball buttons.

Gingerbread Cookie at Sugar Sand Festival

Humpty Dumpty was getting ready for a great fall. I’m not sure the egg fell accidentally or not. Regardless, his brain was scrambled.

Humpty Dumpty at the Sugar Sand Festival

Speaking of scrambled eggs, anyone up for a couple of blackbirds in a pie?

Blackbirds in a Pie at Sugar Sand Festival

Seriously, the lady who lived in a shoe, she could have used scramble Humpty dumpty and the pie. She had some hungry kids.

Lady in the Shoe at Sugar Sand Festival

I wonder if the lady looks out the shoe eye hole and wonders what life must be like for Cinderella.

Cinderella at Sugar Sand Festival

Do you think if the prince hadn’t found Cinderella and had her try on the shoe, Robin Hood may have had the chance to make a love connection with her?

Robin Hood at Sugar Sand Festival

I think Puss N’ Boots may have challenged Robin for control of Sherwood Forest.

Puss in Boots at Sugar Sand Festival

Little Red Riding Hood found her way to the sculpture show.

Little Red Riding Hood at Sugar Sand Festival

Not to be outdone by anyone, Goldilocks had spent such an exhausting day at Clearwater Beach, she had to find a spot for a nap. Little did she know…

Goldilocks at Sugar Sand Festival

The sand festival featured a beautiful presentation of Dolphin Tales. Winter, the dolphin the original movie was based on, lives in the maritime center in Clearwater.

Dolphin Tale 2 at Sugar Sand Festival

The sculptors had a side competition to see whose sculpture could be voted the best. People could donate money for each side sculpture. The money went to help with books and supplies for a local elementary school.

Side competition at Sugar Sand Festival

The Sugar sand festival has grown in popularity during its short three span. In 2014, about 300,000 people checked out the sculptures over a 10-day period. The 2016 event is tentatively targeted for April 15-24.

Clearwater Beach Sugar Sand Festival

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Disclaimer: Thank you to the Sugar Sand Festival organizers for the complimentary admission to the event. However, all opinions and views are ours.