Dubuque’s Eagle Point Park great place for nature

Vulture flying over Eagle Point Park

Eagle Point Park appears to have a double meaning. The Dubuque park is supposed to be great for eagle viewing, but it also gives you an eagle’s eye viewing of the Mississippi River.

Cardinal hiding in tree

The park stands high atop a bluff with the Mississippi River below. At one point, you can view three states – Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Eagle Point Park

The view of the river is breathtaking. It’s so wide with green trees lining the bluffs and lowlands.

The morning we visited, we struck out on seeing eagles.

However, we found another bird to watch. Several turkey vultures (aka buzzards) were flying above the trees checking out the area for possible meals.

Flying high

I have longed to get some upclose photos of the bird. Every time it seems like I have one in sight, it flies off.

Not this time. The scavengers were gliding and flying in great view of us.

They even perched on a nearby tree, so I was able to get some close-up views of them. They may be ugly to look at, but they were a beautiful sight to see in order to check them off my list of must-photograph animals.

vulture in the trees

Eagle Point Park also gave us a great view of the Dam and Lock Site 11. The site helps barges navigate the water up and down Old Man River. It is one of a series of locks and dams between the Twin Cities in Minnesota and the mouth of the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico.

lock and dam #11

In addition to great nature viewing, the park offers barbecue and picnicking areas.

For more information on Eagle Point Park, please visit the city’s website at http://www.cityofdubuque.org/index.aspx?NID=573.

Disclaimer: Thanks to the Dubuque Visitors Bureau for the complimentary park entry pass. However, all opinions and views are ours.