Fitz’s is ‘King of Root Beer’ in St. Louis

Root Beer Float at Fitz's

St. Louis may be the home of the “King of Beer,” I think you can also call it home to the “King of Root Beer.” Fitz’s Root Beer offers some of the best root beer we’ve ever had.

Fitz’s opened in 1993, and is located in the Delmar Loop section of the St. Louis area. Previously, Fitz’s Root Beer could be found in the area in 1947. A few years later, it disappeared from the area. The 1993 resurrection was a good thing.

Fitz's root beer sold in bottle packs at local retailers

We went there for dinner with Lisa’s dad, Ken, and her Uncle Brad. The University City area is home to the St. Louis Walk of Fame. Stars with famous residents are located throughout the area. They include Marlin Perkins, Kevin Kline, Bob Costas and Jack Buck. We had to get a picture of Lisa and her dad behind the star of Katherine Dunham, a famous dance choreographer who shared the same family name.

Getting picture in front of the star of Katherine Dunham

The Loop is also home to Blueberry Hill, a restaurant that is owned by Rock legend Chuck Berry. A statue of the great musician is located next to Fitz’s and across the street from Blueberry Hill.

Chuck Berry sang Blueberry Hill and has a statue in the Loop in St. Louis

Once inside Fitz’s, you can see it’s a popular place to dine and enjoy dessert. The first floor was packed. We were seated on the second floor. It was busy, as well.

Dining room of Fitz's in St. Louis

We enjoyed a delicious dinner. Then, came dessert time. Root beer floats for the table…and keep them coming, bar tender. Ok, not really. Once you see your float, I think you take a big gulp, because that is a whole lotta ice cream on top of the mug. We liked how the staff fills the frosty mug with root beer and then puts a couple of hunkin’ scoops of ice cream over the opening.

Great big scoops of ice cream on the root beer float at Fitz's in St. Louis

It took a while to finish the float. Lisa’s uncle would have had seconds if we’d let him. You don’t have to get a float. You can enjoy their sodas out of the tap.

Root beer on tap at Fitz's restaurant in St. Louis

Fitz’s operates the nation’s first soda microbrewery bottling operation on site. They bottle several flavors, including favorites root beer and crème soda. The sodas are sold throughout the area at retailers, such as Walmart, Schnuck’s and Rocket Fizz.

Soda microbrewery at Fitz's in St. Louis

We will likely be back to Fitz’s, as we barely scratched the surface for the Loop area for touring. We plan to walk along the Walk of Fame, and take in the other attractions.

Stars on Walk of Fame in the Loop of St. Louis

We highly recommend visiting Fitz’s Root Beer when in the St. Louis area. The food is good, and the floats are even better.

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