Four Corners Monument – It’s worth the drive



Need to cross Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah off your list of states to visit? One solution – visit the Four Corners Monument, and you can do that.

Four Corners is the only spot where that many states meet in our country.

Of course, to get to Four Corners, you’ll have to drive through at least one of those states. And drive. And drive. And drive. You have to be committed to see the Four Corners monument. It’s basically in the middle of nowhere.

BUT, once you get there, it’s worth the hours spent driving through no-man’s land. The area is isolated, and on a cloudy day, desolate.

The monument is cool to visit. The four states are clearly marked and sit inside a circle, surrounded by flags. Put your hand on the metal piece in the middle, and you are in four states at one time.

Four Corners

There are small observation decks above each state marker, where people can stand to take photos.

Thousands of people visit annually. It costs a mere $3 a person to visit the site.

The monument actually sits on Dine (Navajo) land, so there are a few Native American vendors near the monument selling souvenirs and other wares. If you’ve never had fry bread, buy one from a concession stand. Once you bite into a piece of that chewy goodness, you’re addicted. I know, because I grew up with it available.

Again, the drive to the monument may seem out of the way. Realistically, it is. But, if you are committed to visiting Four Corners, it’s worth it.

Four Corners Monument

We found the drive kind of fun. My daughter and I were road tripping through Arizona and Nevada, so it made sense to us to visit the monument.

We drove from Flagstaff. Straight on, it’s a little more than a 3-hour drive. But, we made stops along the way, so it took longer to get there. Durango, CO, and Gallup, NM, appear to be closer towns.

A serious note: Bring a paper map. Cell service is limited to non-existent in the area. It helps to be prepared.

If you are going to be in the region, try to work it into your trip plans. It will require a commitment to visit.

Again, who can’t be psyched about being in four states at one time?

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