Harriman-Nielsen Farm site of history, festival in Hampton, Iowa

Harriman-Nielsen Historic Farm

Hampton’s Harriman-Nielsen Historic Farm allows visitors a look into the history of the area.

Dr. Oscar Bryan Harriman came to Franklin County from the east coast in the mid-1800s. He lived in Hampton for 40 years from 1865 until 1905.

Dr. Harriman invested time and money into the development of Hampton, including owning the local newspaper, opera house and playing a key role in developing the downtown area.

He and his family lived on a 45-acre property on the west edge of town. It is now known as Harriman-Nielsen Historic Farm. The house is the lone remaining original piece on the property.

Harriman-Nielsen Farm

The farm, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, is part of the Franklin County Historical Museum. It was pointed during our recent visit that the county historical society likes that fact the county has a few historical attractions located throughout the area.

The farm has several pieces of antique farm equipment on site.

Harriman-Nielsen Historic Farm

Of course, every farm has to have to a barn and silo.

Barn and silo

The farm is home to the annual fall festival. Pumpkins and other squash are harvested and/or brought in for viewing, as well as being available for purchase. This year’s festival coincided with our visit. While we were not available to attend the festival that afternoon, we took a “pregame” tour of the property.

Pumpkin field

The festival included tours of the buildings, musical entertainment, tractor rides, carnival games for children, demonstrations, vendors and a flea market.

We may have to come back to Hampton to check out the festivities next year, as I think it would be a lot of fun.