Hobknobbing with Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway meetings


Warren Buffet. Bill Gates. The Walking Tourists.

What do we all have in common? Well, we were among the estimated 38,000 people at Omaha’s Century Link Center area for the 2014 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting.

Well, not exactly. Our daughter Steph invited us to attend the meeting with her. Having checked it out a couple of years ago, we were eager to go with her.

Our primary reason for going was to check out the vendors in the arena’s exhibit hall. You know, businesses that Berkshire owns.

We were not disappointed. As soon as we hit the exhibit hall, Dairy Queen welcomed us. Nothing says a healthy breakfast like a Dilly Bar. Yum! Buffett loves himself some DQ, so his company bought the chain.


Steph really wanted to check out the Coca Cola exhibit. However, we decided to work the floor in a clockwise pattern, so the Coke stop would be our last.

Some swag was free. Some was economically priced. We got ball caps for free from Net Jets.

We checked out the Borsheim’s jewelry area. Borsheim’s is Omaha’s top upscale jewelry store.


Berkshire owns Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, so had to stop and check out the model train display.


I work with a woman who lives for Justin western boots. I thought I’d get some pics of boots for her to browse, in case she wants to make a stop at their store. LOL.

I wore cowboy boots as a little kid. I lived in them, as a matter of fact. I almost jumped at the chance to buy a Husker pair – red and black boots with the Husker N in front of the boot.


I also found my retirement home. Two recreational vehicles the size of decent apartments awaited our visit. I’m pretty sure if I checked out the price tags, I’d be practicing my “Welcome to Walmart” line for retirement. Um, $150,000 for one of them, Lisa told me. Yep, Walmart greeter in retirement I will be.


Steph’s third must-see booth – after DQ and Coke – Heinz! It was packed. But, it was one of the best places to visit, honestly. We bought a ketchup bottle with a picture of Buffett on the front. Also, we picked up a ketchup bottle Christmas ornament. Steph picked up a few things for herself and sister.


Did you know that Geico is a subsidiary of Berkshire? Yep, and the Geico gecko was onsite.


Our daughter Mallory works with a guy who was one of the Fruit of the Loom characters. You know, the grapes, apple and the green leaf, so I had to get a pic of the gang. They posed with guests for professional pictures. I had to sneak shots in between takes.


It’s hilarious how they put Buffett’s face on almost anything. He had his mug on the ketchup bottles, T-shirts, baseballs, bats, posters, and even boxer shorts. The boxers were very popular at the Fruit of Loom store. A lady in in line in front of us had 4-5 pair.


I was psyched to get some pictures of the standing room-only arena before the meeting started. However, I goofed up and told Lisa and Steph the wrong start time. We ended up watching the Q and A session at the Hilton Hotel, across the street. Maybe next year.

Buffett and his vice chairman, Charlie Munger, were hilarious in answering questions. They mixed a lot of humor with their dead-on serious issues.

We had a great time checking out the exhibit area, but I look forward to sitting inside the arena next year with the other 20-25,000 who beat us to seats this time.