Inconceivable? Beam on down to Kansas City for Planet Comicon March 29-31

Planet Comicon
Wonder Woman. Cosplayers are willing to pose for pictures. Just be polite and ask first.

They’re coming from everywhere to help celebrate Planet Comicon’s 20th anniversary in Kansas City March 29-31. Admiral Kirk is beaming down from the intergalactic future, Superman is flying in from not one Metropolis and Smallville but from at least two universes. And let’s not forget Westley and his nemeses are going to visit Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City. Inconceivable? As you wish.

Yes, William Shatner, Dean Cain AND Tom Welling will be among the headliners signing autographs and posing for photos with fans. It’s nearly a “Princess Bride” reunion with stars Cary Elwes, Chris Sarandon and Wallace Shawn taking part in the convention’s autograph sessions.

Planet Comicon
Jason Isaacs visited Planet Comicon two years ago. Isaacs has appeared in several movies, including the “Harry Potter” series and “Patriot.” He starred as a captain in the CBS All-Access series “Star Trek: Discovery.”

Kansas City’s pop culture convention has grown to be the largest in the Midwest and one of the best in the country. Celebrities and vendors alike enjoy participating in the convention, which typically draws more than 50,000 people over three days. We attended two years ago and it’s likely going to become an annual event for us. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend in 2018 due to a schedule conflict. But, we’re excited to get back this year as members of the press corp to cover all the stars that will be shining and the writing and illustrating talent that will be on hand. I also need to replenish my T-shirt inventory I picked up there.

The 20th Planet Comicon is bringing in more than 40 character and voice actors to meet with fans. Among more notable names are “The Fonz,” Henry Winkler; Jennifer Morrison from “House” and “Once Upon a Time”; Mark Pellegrino of “Supernatural” and “Lost” fame; Linda Blair of “The Exorcist”; and Omaha native Lori Petty, “A League of Their Own” and “Tank Girl.”

TV, movie and book stars on hand

Fans will also be thrilled to see stars such as Danielle Panabaker from “The Flash” and “Harry Potter” actors Bonnie Wright and James and Oliver Phelps. For a complete list of actors attending Planet Comicon, check here.

Among the nearly 80 artists and authors attending are Kansas City’s own CW Cooke, Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Patricia Briggs (best-selling author) and Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman).

Planet Comicon
John DiMaggio discusses voice acting during his panel at a previous Planet Comicon.

Celebrities and writers will also participate in panel discussions which are open to all convention attendees. See the schedule here.

Of course, hundreds of cosplayers will be in full costume and character as they roam the floors seeking out their heroes as others seek them out for their attire and personalities. As you approach cosplayers, ensure you ask first for a photo and treat each person respectfully. These are major rules for attending any comic convention. The con includes a cosplay costume pageant March 30.

Planet Comicon
The “Star Wars” emperor and associates.

We recommend purchasing tickets online so you don’t have to stand in line to buy tickets on the day of your visit. Also, arrive early, as the entry lines will be long. The lines flow quickly and smoothly, but why waste time arriving late?

We are excited to attend the 2019 Planet Comicon and hope to see you there.

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