Local choices highlight Sioux Falls dining

Sioux Falls
The Sculpture Walk is just outside the doors of the Phillips Avenue Diner

Finding the right local places to eat can be challenging. In Sioux Falls, we knew one place we were going to check out – the Phillips Avenue Diner. We ate there years ago. Lisa and I remembered we liked it.

We arrived for a late dinner. Nothing sounded really good to me. No burger. No salad. No soup. Nothing. Nothing sounded good…until…I saw chicken and waffles on the menu. I remembered a friend telling me once that he enjoyed trying chicken and waffles. Voila! I thought it sounded appealing.

My dinner choice was perfect. It was delicious. The combination of chicken tenders and the waffle, topped with maple syrup, was wonderful. The portion was huge, and I couldn’t finish it. Still, it was a delicious option.

Sioux Falls
I tried chicken and waffles. Nice combination.

Lisa had the Applejack waffle. It had whiskey-caramelized Granny Smith apples, Applewood smoked bacon, toasted pecans and cinnamon whipped topping atop a thick waffle.

Sioux Falls
That is one nice waffle

We both enjoyed our dinners. The Diner was the spot-on choice for our dinner.

The Phillips Avenue Diner is located inside an old Airstream trailer. The trailer was parked on Phillips in 1996, and has enjoyed a successful run.

Sioux Falls
Looking at the interior of the Airstream

For more information on the diner, please visit www.phillipsavenuediner.com.

The next day we were looking for a place to have lunch and catch the Huskers football game. We looked around downtown, but there isn’t a true sports bar/restaurant there. Then, Lisa remembered dining at Rookies once. We jumped in the car and made a short drive to 41st Street, where the restaurant is located.

Sioux Falls
Rookies is Sioux Fall’s Nebraska hangout

As we walked in, we were greeted by a server wearing a Nebraska T-shirt. Rookies is a Husker bar in Sioux Falls. We had a great time there. The game was a bit challenging to watch as this was during the Big Red’s challenging time earlier this season.

Sioux Falls
Plenty of TVs for a nice sports-watching time

Rookies is also Sioux Falls’ only comedy club. For more information on Rookies, check out www.rookiescomedyclub.com.

When dinner rolled around, we looked for a place to try. We had read about Taphouse 41 on the drive to Sioux Falls. We decided to try something new to us. Boy, did we pick the right spot! Tap House 41 is located in a shopping center.

Sioux Falls
Taphouse 41 – excellent choice

We both tried the Deluxe Taphouse Burger, adding a soft-cooked egg. We had a small order of chili fries as a side dish. Dinner was excellent. The egg added to the flavor of the burger. We both liked the runny yolk combined with the hamburger.

Sioux Falls
The basic burger with a few amenities

Taphouse 41 offers a variety of beer and bourbon. The beer is mostly craft-style choices.

We agreed a return visit to Taphouse 41 would be on the itinerary on a future visit to Sioux Falls. We recommend checking it out.

For more information on Taphouse 41, please visit www.taphouse41.com.