Looking for something different for Kansas City dining? Try these spots

Kansas City
Bo Lings offers the Kansas City area fine dining options for Chinese dishes.

Kansas City may be Ground Zero for great barbecue, but it also has some wonderful non-BBQ options for visitors. We usually eat BBQ at least once during a visit there, but we do like to “spread the wealth” for meals.

We have found some excellent places to dine in the Kansas City metro area. We thought we’d share a few.


Stroud’s Pan-fried Chicken has been in business for more than 80 years. It started as a barbecue joint. But, due to limited beef availability during World War II, they switched to fried chicken. The rest, as they say, is history. The chain has four locations on the Kansas and Missouri sides of Kansas City.

We tried our first meal at Stroud’s in Overland Park. The food was amazing! And so much of it. We each ordered a three-piece combination. They came with two sides. I thought it would be small sides. Um, nope. The food is served family style. We didn’t catch that part of the menu. So, we had plenty left over to take back to the hotel.

Kansas City
Family-style dishes await you at Stroud’s.

The chicken pieces (leg, thigh and breast) are served with sides of green beans and your choice of potato. I don’t care if you’re not a gravy fan, try it. You’ll love it. It’s a “white” gravy, made with the mixings of the cookings, so it is an offwhite gravy. It reminds me of the gravy my mom and grandmas would make. Biscuits help to sop up the extra gravy.

Dessert is a must at Stroud’s. The cinnamon rolls are served warm. I’m not a butter fan, but I had to try some on a bun. It melted quickly.

Kansas City
The cinnamon rolls are amazing at Stroud’s.

Bo Ling’s

Bo Ling’s offers a wonderful Asian alternative for dining. The Kansas City-based chain is a combination of the founders’ names – Bo and Ling (Far Ling). They opened their first location in 1981 and has seen steady growth to six locations throughout the metro area.

The high quality menu is offered in a fine dining environment. The food is delicious, and they offer large portions.

Kansas City
Bo Ling’s has a beautiful decor.

Lisa and I shared a couple of dishes during our visit. Lisa went with cashew chicken, while I chose Mongolian Beef. Both dishes were excellent. We had brown rice as our side.

Kansas City
The food is delicious at Bo Ling’s.


Minsky’s is a local favorite among Kansas Citians. The 40-year-old company has 16 locations throughout the area, including as far west as Lawrence, Kansas.

Kansas City
Minsk’s is a fun place to grab a pizza and watch some sports.

The first time we tried Minsky’s, we were not overly impressed. It reminded us a lot of Omaha-based Godfather’s Pizza. However, the second time we ate at a Minsky’s, we were impressed with the food and the service. I think back to the first experience and wonder if we weren’t really in the pizza mood, but forced it since it was our meal on the way out of town.

Kansas City
The pizza tastes great.

Senor Tequila’s

My sister Shelli and brother-in-law, who live in the Kansas City area, love Senor Tequila’s. The Mexican restaurant has recently undergone a major renovation and looks quite contemporary. I liked the old appearance, as well.

Kansas City
Senor Tequila’s has a nice quiet atmosphere.

The food, however, needed no renovation. The menu has been excellent for quite some time. My brother-in-law, Scott, got me turned on to Senor Tequila’s fajitas. I prefer to eat the dish without adding the tortillas. The beef, chicken and vegetables are delicious.

Kansas City
Fajitas are my favorite. It’s a dish best for two people, as I couldn’t finish the meal.

Lisa enjoyed an enchilada plate. She enjoyed her choice, as well.

Andre’s Confisserie Suisse

Andre’s Confisserie Suisse offers a set menu daily. The restaurant – owned by Andre and Elsbeth Bollier – combines confections and lunch for a successful eatery. The Swiss natives started by offering some quality chocolates and other treats. The restaurant has been recognized as one of the best boxed chocolates.

Kansas City
Andre’s has a great limited menu, but remember to try the chocolates.

Andre’s offers a daily menu, featuring two specials. Customers can order either one, as they use a limited menu for the tearoom. The options are on their monthly schedule on their website, www.andreschocolates.com.

Webster House

Another fine dining restaurant is the Webster House. Located inside an old school house, the restaurant offers an eclectic menu at reasonable prices.

Kansas City
Webster House is near the Kauffman performing arts center.

The restaurant is on the second floor of the building. The lower level consists of unique clothing and accessory shops.


If you’re interested in breakfast at a local joint, check out Eggtc (Eggcetera) is located near the Country Club Plaza. Located in an older building, the restaurant offers a great breakfast menu. I liked the steak and eggs, while Lisa went with a quiche.

Kansas City
Eggtc offers a great breakfast.

So, while Kansas City may be the world’s capital for great BBQ, know that if you’re in the mood for something different, you will find it. Enjoy your next trip to KC and bon appetit!

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