Lisa’s 2016 adventure travel bucket list

My bucket list

It’s 2016. A brand new year of possibilities.  I have also recently turned another year older. It makes me realize how many things I still want to try. I want to stretch myself this year and – besides hitting new destinations during our travels – I want to try new experiences. I have decided to create a travel adventure bucket list.

The bucket list has things that are a little on the adventurous side (to me, at least). Some may seem simpler than others. Each one will be a challenge in itself. Several have to do with heights which I have anxiety about and used to say I had a fear of. However, I can say that I have visited some of the tallest structures in the country. One of these items is one we have wanted to check out for awhile. A couple of the items are ones I’ve decided on in order to keep motivated for keeping fit this year.


Kayaking in Florida

While I am not a huge swimmer, I am a fan of being on the water. After experiencing kayaking for the first time close to 10 years ago during a work retreat in Minnesota, I fell in love with it. I let too much time go by without getting to try it again. I was grateful at getting the opportunity to do so when attending the TBEX conference in Fort Lauderdale last October. So, I hope to be able to find the opportunity to do it again this year. Perhaps at the TBEX conference in Minneapolis.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Stand Up Paddleboarding

A new water sport I would like to try is stand up paddleboarding. This one makes me a little more nervous, as it requires a little more skill. It means a bit of balance and ab strength that I need to build up. In the last couple of years, we have had a couple of businesses start to offer stand up paddleboarding in Omaha, including Neighborhood Offshore. I won a free session from fellow blogger Kim at Oh My Omaha during their first season, but haven’t used it. I hope to resolve that this year.

Helicopter Ride

Heartland Helicopter Services

This next one would probably be the one bucket item that would make me the most anxious. I have flown in airplanes and have been to some pretty high places. However, I think that a helicopter ride would be a whole other level. I think that it would definitely be exhilarating. Heartland Helicopter Services offers flights in Omaha and I have seen some fabulous photography that has come from the birds eye views. Have you ever taken a helicopter ride?

Ziplining Outdoors

Photo courtesy of Mt. Crescent Ski

Another height-related adventure is to go ziplining outdoors. I had my first experience with ziplining at North America’s longest indoor zipline, at the Mall of America inside Nickelodeon Universe. I admit there were a few minutes I found myself frozen in fear. It wasn’t because of the zipline. In order to get to the zipline platform, you have to cross part of the rope course. This means that you have to cross ropes that are similar to a balance beam several feet above the ground. I conquered my fear and crossed the course, up to the platform. It was all worth it, as I had a blast once I sat into it and just let go. I may not have to go far to experience outdoor ziplining, as there is one just about 30 minutes away at Mt. Crescent Ski in Honey Creek, Iowa.

Ziplining at Mall of America

Flying with iFly

Photo courtesy of iFly KC

Who wouldn’t want to experience the thrill of being able to actually fly? Now, I don’t think I would be brave enough to actually skydive. However, I’ve seen some people around the country who have been to these indoor skydiving places. One main company people talk about is iFly. I know people who have done it in Dallas and Chicago. It looks like they’re adding several locations this year. It did not look like something that was going to be something that would be near us anytime soon. Well, low and behold, I saw a Facebook friend, who happens to be a news personality in Kansas City, posting about flying like Superman at the new iFly in Overland Park, Kansas. I was so excited! I am now trying to figure out when we can make a trip soon down to try it out. Who wants to go with me?

5K Run

Running shoes for my 5K

The last thing on my adventure bucket list is to complete a 5K run in another city. In the last 6-9 months I have gained a decent amount of weight. In putting this on my bucket list it puts a goal in front of me to accomplish. I put the 5K as my goal instead of a 10K since I have a lot of training to do before being ready for it. When – not if – I complete this goal, I will move to complete my first 10K. We just recently purchased a treadmill and this gives me a reason to ensure that I use it. Now, I just have to find the right place and date to mark on the calendar and get started to train for it. allows me to look up races by month and state. I need to get my running shoes on and get moving.

I am ready for a year of adventures, whether during travel or nearby home. Have you ever done or wanted to do any of these things on my bucket list? Ever done anything that you never thought you could get yourself to do?