Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to to Stroud’s restaurant in Omaha

Omaha is the first city outside of Missouri and Kansas to have a Stroud’s location.

Editor’s Note: This location is closed. However, Stroud’s continues to operate their locations in the Kansas City area.

Stroud’s has been one of the most popular restaurants in the Kansas City area for decades. Now, they’re bringing their delicious pan-fried chicken and sides to Omaha. The first location outside of the KC metro area opened in October at the former Mimi’s at Village Pointe shopping center. You will love this place. Just be prepared for long lines. It’s that popular.

Stroud’s, with four restaurants in the Kansas City area, started as a barbecue joint in 1933. Guy and Helen Stroud served great BBQ until World War II started. With beef becoming scarce, Helen decided to start cooking pan-fried chicken. The first chicken dinner cost 35 cents. And today’s price is great for everything you get with the meal. The Strouds sold the restaurant to current owners Mike Donegan and Jim Hogan in 1977. The duo expanded the chain.

Lisa and I ventured out to check out the food and service, Omaha style. It was what we’ve grown to appreciate at the Kansas City locations.

We both went with our favorite – the pan-fried chicken. We ordered the three-piece dinner, so we could have leftovers. The pan-friend chicken is less greasy than most fried chicken. The chicken is moist and the breading is seasoned well.

The chicken is moist and delicious.

Each meal comes with a potato and green beans. Lisa opted for the mashed potatoes, and I had a baked potato. I love putting the homemade chicken gravy over my potato. The gravy reminds me of the kind my mom and grandma would make. The green beans are amazing. Yes, I am crowing about a vegetable that I’m not a big fan of (my dad hated them. LOL. I think he might have given them another try if he tasted Stroud’s version). The neat thing about the sides? They are bottomless, so you can order as many refills as you can eat. FYI: One serving is usually enough. Any leftovers can be taken home.

This is a family-sized meal. We had leftovers. Yay!

You start your meal with a side salad or a bowl of their wonderful chicken noodle soup. Since we were tipped off about the soup prior to our first visit in Overland park, I’ve yet to try the salad. It looks good. Lisa likes it. But, the chicken noodle soup is just too good to give up.

Either option is good. I am partial to the chicken noodle soup.

To top off dinner, customers get a basket of fresh cinnamon rolls. They are heaven on earth. I don’t care for butter, but I have put a pad on top of a hot roll to watch the butter melt away and add to the tastiness.

The cinnamon rolls are a must.

Stroud’s has won the acclaimed James Beard Award for excellence in cuisine.

Omaha is the fifth location for the chain. Stroud’s can be found in Kansas City, Independence, Overland Park and Fairway, Kansas. The chain is nationally recognized and has been visited by celebrities. Food critics love the food, including “Man vs. Food” star Adam Richman.

We heard people at other tables and walking out describe the food as great and delicious. We love Stroud’s and can’t recommend it enough. Try it and you’ll love it.

For more information on Stroud’s and the new Omaha location, please visit www.stroudsrestaurant.com or www.facebook.com/StroudsOmaha.