Planning for a trip – Series

We consider ourselves as just slightly above average travellers. We try to plan at least one trip over 8 hours away each year. From our home in Omaha, NE there are a ton of options to accomplish this by either driving and/or flying. When we plan for a trip, most often it is for somewhere we have never been before. The last few years it has been West coast destinations. The past 2 years we went to Seattle and San Francisco. We just returned from Los Angeles and San Diego a couple of weeks ago. We have a little goal of making it to all 50 states. We aren’t too far away really. I will post our list of remaining states at a later date. So, with all of that said, where to go next? When do we go? What will we do when we get there?  Where will we stay?  What should we plan for expenses…??  What are the good restaurants to eat at? During the next few posts I will discuss our steps in planning on our next trip coming up in November.  I will share our tips and tricks on how to we plan our trips including my favorite apps/sites to use.  I hope you enjoy taking this trip with us.