Shutterfly as photo storage

Nebraska’s Chimney Rock.

So, summer vacations are pretty much done. You have hundreds (or thousands, if you’re like me) of photos on your memory cards documenting the family trips, picnics, kids’ camps, etc. What to do with those pictures? I’m willing to bet that most people will leave them where they’re at until a few months done the road when they need the camera (or phone camera) again.

Good news! There are several free options to help you store the photos. You can create files on the Cloud if you have an account. External drives are good options. They’re very reasonably priced.

We use Shutterfly as our primary online photo storage outlet. I also add them to an external drive. I like to back them up in as many places as possible. We had a terrible experience once when daughter Mallory had taken photos on a vacation and the next day we learned the memory card had become corrupted overnight. She ended up buying an app to help recover pictures, but it wasn’t the same.

This lake in Alaska is one our favorite memories of the trip.

So, we learned to back up our photos right away. I’ve spent late hours ensuring all photos taken that day have been backed up at least once, usually on the laptop’s hard drive and to an external drive.

Anyway, back to online photo storage. Most online photo storage sites are good. Our daughter uses a different storage site than we do. However, people should not be expected to pay for an online storage site.

Shutterfly joined the internet business in 1999. The Redwood City, California, business eventually bought Kodak’s photo gallery when that company sought to get out of the photo business in 2012. They didn’t miss a beat in transferring photo albums from Kodak to Shutterfly. Between the two, we have hundreds of albums on Shutterfly.

Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Shutterfly is more than an online storage site. It offers products and services, such as photo books, photos, calendars, mugs, and a lot more. We’ve created both photo books and calendars. We usually look for deals when creating books. Shutterfly does an outstanding job in offering photo deals. We’ve ordered 99 4×6 photos for free, only paying for shipment. You can get some excellent deals.

So, as you decide what to do with all those summer pictures (and maybe some from past trips), consider using an online storage site. We recommend Shutterfly, since we have used the site for several years and like it.

If you’re interested, please visit its website at