Sioux Falls Cathedral stands tall; serves as guide for locals

Sioux Falls cathedral
St. Joseph Cathedral stands tall in Sioux Falls

St. Joseph Cathedral serves as the spiritual guidance for members of the Sioux Falls Catholic diocese. The cathedral, completed in 1918 after a three-year construction project, serves as the primary place of worship in the city. The cathedral stands tall above the city’s downtown skyline.

The cathedral was constructed in a Romanesque and French renaissance style by French architect Emmanuel Masqueray. It was designed based on the St. Paul, Minnesota, cathedral. Cathedrals usually are well-adorned. St. Joseph has its beauty – stained glass windows, art and altar area.

Sioux Falls cathedral
Cathedral features Stations of the Cross

The walls follow the Stations of the Cross (when Jesus was crucified). One piece shows Jesus being nailed to the cross. This always gets to me, imagining the pain this man went through for the love he had for the people and for God.

Sioux Falls cathedral

The second piece I always find interesting is the looks of the people as he dies on the cross. His followers look lovingly upon him. Then, you have the Roman soldiers, who carried out their orders and killed him. You have to wonder if they had second thoughts. Can you imagine trying to explain later how you want in heaven despite killing the Son of God?

Sioux Falls cathedral
Roman soldiers

The Sioux Falls cathedral has beautiful stained glass windows. I don’t think there is a prettier view than the sunlight coming through a stained glass pane. This cathedral has quite a few stained glass windows and they shine brightly.

Sioux Falls cathedral
The cathedral has a beautiful set of stained glass windows

At the front of the church is a high marble altar. It’s a beautiful spot in the cathedral.

Sioux Falls cathedral

The arches of the cathedral were impressive. They add to the beauty of the cathedral.

Sioux Falls cathedral
View of the cathedral

The Sioux Falls cathedral doesn’t leave the beauty of the cathedral indoors. Displays to the side of the cathedral honor the Virgin Mary, families and lost children.

Sioux Falls cathedral
Virgin Mary statue in the courtyard

People place flowers at the feet of a statue of Mary, mother of Jesus. She’s even holds some roses. A small garden is located in front of the sculpture.

A display honoring children lost through a variety of reasons shows a boy and girl at play.

Sioux Falls cathedral
Sculpture in honor of children who lost their lives

The cathedral offers guided tours during the week and self-guided tours on the weekends. For more information on the St. Joseph Cathedral, please visit