Tim’s cross country trek: One month down


As you may recall, my youngest daughter issued a walking challenge to me for 2014: Walk the distance between Los Angeles City Hall to a courthouse square in Portland ME. It’s a total of 3,082 miles.

I figured that with the weather in Nebraska, getting to the gym daily may be a bit of a challange, but I have succeeded in working out more than not.

So, my goal for January and February was to average 7 miles per day in steps (14,798 for me, as my stride is 30 inches). Overall, I need to average 8.46 miles per day to make it to the final stop Dec.31st. I figure I will make up the extra miles from the first two months over the warm months, where I can get walks in at walk, or take longer walks after work, weekends, etc.

So, after the first month, I am happy to say I finished at 466480 steps –  220.66 miles. I estimated my Jan. 31st spot on I-15 on the northern edge of California’s Mojave Desert, near the Primm Valley Golf Club (near Nipton CA).

One month down. 11 to go! On to my February goal of finishing north of St. George UT.