A touch of nostalgia at Hendricks County’s Mayberry Cafe

Hendricks County
The Mayberry Cafe stands out on the man street through Danville, Indiana.

Dining at the Mayberry Café is like stepping through your TV screen and sitting at the table for a family dinner with the Taylor family. The Danville, Indiana, restaurant uses “The Andy Griffith Show” as its theme. Visitors will find menu items using the show as inspiration and photos and other memorabilia as part of the décor.

Brad Borne has loved the show for years. It was his favorite program. So, when he and wife Christine decided to open a restaurant in Danville, it was a no-brainer, they would use the show as the theme. Danville reminded the couple a lot of Mayberry.

Hendricks County
The cafe offers visitors an opportunity to buy Mayberry-related souvenirs.

The Mayberry café sits on the main road through town, cross the street from the county courthouse and town square. Since opening in 1989, the Mayberry café has become a tourist attraction. It played a role in Danville starting the Mayberry Days festival.

The first thing you notice as you approach the restaurant is the exterior design. An old building painted black and white to represent a police car. There is actually an old police car with a single red light on the roof parked in front of the Mayberry Café. It’s a popular spot for visitors to pose for photos.

Hendricks County
The old black-and-white police car is used as a photo backdrop.

When you visit Mayberry Café, be prepared to wait a while to be seated. Don’t let a wait turn you away; the food is worth the wait. Service is outstanding and they get your order to you fairly quickly. The staff allows guests time to enjoy the environment.

Hendricks County
The Mayberry Cafe has plenty of room for diners, which is a good thing considering how busy it is.

We started with an appetizer of macaroni and cheese wedges. The deep-fried mac and cheese were more like balls. And so delicious. Brad and his staff know how to prepare the food well.

Brad and the staff start the day with fresh ingredients. Items, such as meatloaf, fried chicken, potatoes and sauces, are handmade. You can taste the freshness in your entrée. I had Aunt Bea’s meatloaf and potatoes. You can tell the difference between fresh homemade food and frozen stuff. The Mayberry Café’s food is the real stuff.

Hendricks County
The meatloaf dinner is one of the “Aunt Bea” specials.

Lisa and decided to have a chocolate cream pie for dessert. It was fluffy, moist and delicious.

Hendricks County
Dessert is amazing at Mayberry Cafe.

When you visit the Mayberry Café, make sure you wander the restaurant and check out the memorabilia. Photos of the show’s actors, stories and other items are displayed. The restaurant has been visited by several of the show’s cast, including Jim Nabors (an Indiana native who portrayed Gomer Pyle). Clips of the television program play on a loop.

Hendricks County
The cast of “The Andy Griffith Show” in a drawing at the restaurant.

The Mayberry Café is a must-see when visiting Hendricks County. You’ll do a little time traveling and have one of the best meals you will ever enjoy.

Check out more about the Mayberry Café and its menu at www.mayberrycafe.com or www.visithendrickscounty.com.

Disclaimer: Thank you to Visit Hendricks County and Mayberry Café for the complimentary meal. However, all opinions and views are ours.