University of Nebraska’s Sheldon Art Museum offers interesting views

Sheldon Art Gallery

The Sheldon Art Gallery on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln allows visitors an opportunity to view some great pieces of artwork. From classic paintings to Jackson Pollock to controversial photos, the museum offers a lot to view in a short time.

The Sheldon has four galleries – two with permanent exhibits and two showing temporary ones. The temporary ones featured art made from twine and “Things Speak” – featuring items from Lincoln collections. It includes art from the state capitol and some antique roller skates from the National Museum of Roller Skating. Since they are temporary exhibits, visitors are not allowed to take photos.

Lobby of Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln

Among the permanent art exhibits is a circular piece made from cardboard, I believe. It was pretty cool to stand in front of and gaze at. 

A quilt piece is on loan from the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.

Piece on loan from Quilt Museum at Sheldon Art Gallery

A photo that caught the attention of Lisa and me showed a preteen girl holding a cigarette. It was obvious it belonged to her. People offended claimed it was pornography and irresponsible parenting. I thought it was about as real life as one can get.

Controversial photo at Sheldon Art Gallery

Another gallery offered a view of classic oil paintings. I’m not a great fan of the classic paintings. I prefer modern, including abstract.

Classic Oil Painting at Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln

Speaking of modern art, the museum has a Mickey Mouse piece that was done by pop artist Andy Warhol. He took several images of the Disney mascot and laid them over each other, eventually creating his piece.

Andy Warhol painting of Mickey Mouse at Sheldon Art Gallery

A modern look at slavery is interpreted in “Bid ‘Em IN/Slave by Barkley Hendricks. The 1973 painting pits a pink background with the model’s defiant stance and glare that she is not what she has been labeled.

Piece by Barkley Hendricks at Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln

The Sheldon is also home to a Jackson Pollock piece. The abstract artist was a major figure in the art world during his life. He died young, at 44. He struggled with alcoholism.

Jackson Pollock piece at Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln

The Sheldon’s artwork expands outside the building. Near the entrance is a piece named “Fallen Dreamer.” It is considered a statement on the “fragility of today’s icons and heroes.”

Fallen Dreamer at Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln, NE

Another piece on campus shows a fully nude woman sitting inside a box. “SANDY: In Defined Space” is a bronze statue that was created in 1967.

Outdoor Sculpture at Sheldon Art Gallery

“Floating Figure” is a 1927 sculpture.

Floating Figure at Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln

Daimaru XV is a 1981 piece that stands just outside the museum’s door.

Outdoor sculpture piece outside Sheldon Art Gallery

Our final view of the sculpture walk during this trip was an untitled piece by Jun Kaneko. Kaneko is an Omaha-based artist.

Kaneko piece outside of Sheldon Art Museum

The artwork at the Sheldon has whetted our appetite for more public art viewing. Lincoln has much more to share and we are planning a return trip down Interstate 80 to take it all in.

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