Vitality Bowls: Home of Acai Bowls in Omaha

Vitality Bowls sign
Vitality Bowls has two locations- one in Aksarben Village and the other at Shops of Legacy.

I’ve found a new go-to for a guilt-free healthy meal, or even dessert, at Vitality Bowls in Omaha. I recently tried my first acai bowl. A few months ago, I got a taste of a couple of the smoothies available at Vitality Bowls during a wellness fair at work. I had wondered about what was served at Vitality Bowls, but had not been there yet. I spoke with the owner, Katie DeSantis, and she invited me to give the bowls a try.

What is an Acai Bowl?

Vitality Bowl
Acai bowls are healthy, full of nutrients and refreshing. At Vitality Bowls they are made fresh and on the spot.

From what I understand, they have been around for a while, but I’ve just started hearing about them and had never tried them until now. I had heard of acai as being a superfood with having many health benefits. After trying my first acai bowl, I’m all in. With ingredients, such as acai, graviola, acerola, goji berries, pitaya and spirulina, you might wonder what they are and what they taste like. While you may not immediately be sure what they are, what you can be sure of is that these ingredients, as well as the others you will find in the acai bowls and other items on the menu at Vitality Bowls, are all-natural. You will not find any artificial preservatives or fillers.

Disclaimer: We partnered with Caffeine Crawl as a sponsor of this year's event. But, all views and opinions are ours.
Disclaimer: Thanks to Vitality Bowls for providing the items sampled for this post. However, all opinions and views are ours.

What is Vitality Bowls?

Vitality Bowls is a fast-casual option to grab something to eat without worrying about the guilt. There are two locations in Omaha – at Aksarben Village and at the Shops of Legacy near 168th and Center Streets. On the menu, you’ll find acai bowls, paninis, soups, salads, oatmeal, smoothies and juices. Each item is made fresh and on the spot.

Each bowl has two parts: the base, which is a blend of ingredients that turn into a smoothie consistency, and the second is the toppings. When dining in, your order is served in a chilled bowl keeping the consistency thick. The way I describe it is basically a smoothie topped with granola and fruit served in a bowl.

Close up of Vitality Bowl
Acai bowls are comprised of two parts, the smoothie base and the toppings.

Having not tried an acai bowl before, I asked Katie for a suggestion to try. Based on the ingredients, I was immediately drawn to the signature bowl, the Vitality Bowl. In the base of the bowl is organic acai, banana, strawberries, organic flax seeds and VB blend. VB Blend is their own superfood blend. The toppings are organic granola, sliced banana, strawberries, organic goji berries and honey. I completely finished the bowl and felt like it was a meal and dessert all in one.

In addition to the acai bowl, I also tried a roasted turkey panini and a waffle. Each item was tasty.

Waffle with Chocolate chips and bananas
Waffle with bananas and chocolate chips
Roasted Turkey Panini
Roasted Turkey Panini

About the owner

Katie’s journey to Vitality Bowls’ journey started in 2010 after a friend was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. One of the things that the doctor prescribed was to change her diet right away. Katie admits that she does not believe in the word diet, but more into intuitive eating or listening to one’s body. Another thing I noticed during my visits, is that she and her staff know their customers well. They have several regulars who come in and the team knows each by name. She also said local athletic teams, including the University of Nebraska-Omaha hockey and Creighton volleyball squads, have enjoyed meals from Vitality Bowls.

Save $$ – download the app

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself going back for more. If so, you’ll want to download their loyalty app. When I downloaded it, I found a money-saving reward already waiting for me; and, it’s a nice one – $3 off a menu item. The app is not only great at earning rewards but also to save time. You can use it to preorder your meal ready to eat at the store or take it to go.

Vitality Bowls in Aksarben Village
Vitality Bowls is a superfood cafe.

Don’t know what to order? Don’t be afraid to ask, Katie and her team are happy to suggest something based on your interests. If you like smoothies or looking for something refreshing for your next meal, give Vitality Bowls a try. Take a peek at their menu and get out to Vitality Bowls in Omaha.