Travels 2016: Nebraska trips highlight state’s ‘Good Life’

With as much traveling as we’ve done in the past five years, we always enjoy checking out our Nebraska backyard. Boy, did we have some experiences in 2016. From art to a bit of controversy, touring Nebraska was anything but boring. We’ve enjoyed checking out public art in almost every city we’ve been to, so […]

Stella’s burgers live up to the challenge as the best in Omaha

Hungry? Hungry enough to devour six burger patties, 12 pieces of bacon, six slices of cheese and six fried eggs between a bun? Wait. Don’t answer yet. Let’s top it off with lettuce, tomato, fried onions, jalapenos, peanut butter and pickles. Add a side of French fries. How about now? Eat it in 45 minutes, […]

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