Nebraska at 150: Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway

Editor’s Note: Nebraska is celebrating its 150th birthday in 2017. As the state observes its sesquicentennial, we are taking a look at some of the state’s attractions we’ve enjoyed visiting. Today, we revisit our drive along the Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway… Growing up in the eastern edge of the state, most Nebraskans know the […]

Valentine’s Day deliciousness found at Tekamah’s Master’s Hand

Master’s Hand Candles is one of our favorite stores in the Midwest. It’s a go-to spot when we want to check out seasonal gifts and treats. We met owner Susie Robinson in 2013 when we stopped in for our first visit. Since we have family in Tekamah, it’s become a regular stop when we are […]

Beating the winter doldrums: Taking a day trip

As winter nears its end, I think a lot of us are starting to have that cooped up feeling. You know it – we basically go from home to work or the store and back home. You want to get out and see some of the world. We’re ready for some fun time. But, we […]

Take a history drive along the Lewis and Clark Scenic Byway in Nebraska

Growing up in the eastern edge of the state, most Nebraskans know the story of Lewis and Clark. We learned about the two explorers in school. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the expedition of the new territory of the United States after we bought the land from the French as part of the Louisiana […]

Our adventure with the Nebraska Passport program

With about 45 days left, Nebraskans continue to travel around the state and visit spots to get that important stamp in the 2015 Nebraska Passport program. We’re (meaning Lisa) no different. We likely aren’t going to challenge anyone for the grand prize in October, but we’ve made a dent. The passport program highlights 80 businesses […]

10 things to do in Nebraska

Nebraska IS “The Good Life.” This is a very popular slogan with us. Nebraska has a lot of interesting attractions – both historical and cultural. Of course, most people probably recognize Nebraska as home to the Huskers or one of the world’s best zoos. But, we have a lot to offer. I recently made a […]

Burt County Museum allows look at Tekamah history

Imagine pouring gasoline or kerosene into your iron and lighting it with a match. How about putting charcoal in an iron? Then, imagine actually using it to press clothes. These antique irons and several more are on display at the Burt County Museum in Tekamah, Nebraska. Tekamah is about a 45-minute drive north of Omaha. […]

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