‘Field of Dreams,’ the sequel

Field of Dreams movie site

Last year, we stopped at the “Field of Dreams” movie site in Dyersville, Iowa, on our way to Wisconsin.  We made another stop this year on our trip to Dubuque.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the film. A celebration takes place this weekend. About 11,000 people are expected to visit the site, according to the Associated Press. Stars Kevin Costner and Timothy Busfield will join NBC announcer and baseball enthusiast Bob Costas as part of the celebration.

Can a guy ever get sick of stopping at the mecca of childhood memories? My guess is not really. We didn’t plan the stop so I could see the field again. We needed to buy a new souvenir baseball. Our dog Tucker decided to turn into The Beast from “The Sandlot” and destroy the ball. That will teach me to leave a baseball out within a dog’s mouth’s reach.

Anyway, Lisa asked me if I wanted to stop and get a new ball since we were about 30 minutes from Dubuque. A souvenir baseball without dog teeth marks? Sure.

So, we planned to make a quick side trip and just buy a new ball. As with all well-intentioned plans…


There were folks playing a game on the field, so we “had” to watch a few minutes, right?

Then, I realized I should try a couple of my new camera lenses. I used the fisheye lens for a different take on a couple of views at the field.


We spent about 30 minutes at the site, and then headed off to our destination of Dubuque.

For a recap of the post I wrote about last year’s experience, please see http://thewalkingtourists.com/realizing-the-field-of-dreams/.