Hotel Horror Story; or how I spent the night watching a hole in the wall

hole in the wall                Image courtesy of hyena reality at

Ever spend a night watching a hole in the wall, wondering what may climb out of it in the middle of the night?

When our daughters were little kids, their mom and I took them to an amusement park a few hours from Omaha.

We spent the day at the park and had a great time – they went on rides, watched stage shows, etc.

The kids had a great time. It grew late. At dinner, their mom and I decided that we should spend the night in town and head home the next day.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make reservations anywhere. Every hotel and motel near the amusement park was booked up. We drove farther away, same thing.Until…

We came upon a simply named motel. It was a couple-owned one. Acme Motel, or something like that.

We got a room. If you call it that. There was a gaping hole in the wall. We feared something may crawl out. But, since it was so late, we decided to stay. Mom and I took turns staying up and watching the hole, while the girls slept.

As the sun came up, we survived the night. No creepy crawlers or monsters.

We got the kids up and headed home.

Never again, have I gone somewhere without reservations at a decent hotel.

Do you have a travel horror story that you would not mind sharing?  Please let us know.