Minions say hi on US Highway 77


Three minions welcome people driving along Highway 77 north of Beatrice, Nebraska.

I was recently reading posts on Facebook when I came across a picture of minions on the 1011 news page.

Anyone who has seen or heard of the “Despicable Me” animated movie series knows what a minion is. If not, they are the little yellow and blue helpers of the “evil” Gru. Gru, actually, is a sweetheart who adopts three little girls. It’s a cute movie series.

IMG_4289Anyway, the TV station noted that Emily Haxby, the daughter-in-law of one of its photojournalists, made a couple of minions from hay bales and tires. They are in a farm field.

Well, I told Lisa we needed a road trip. Beatrice is about a 90-minute drive from Omaha. It’s located about 40 miles south of Lincoln.

Who would drive 90 minutes to see some hay bales? Um, my daughters and I drove about 2 ½ hours northeast of Omaha in 2012 to see a teddy bear made from hay bales. So, 90 minutes are basically a walk in the park.

IMG_4287Lisa and I arrived at the minion stop. We were thrilled when we noticed a third minion. One of the purple characters was standing next to the yellow and blue guys.

As we finished taking our pictures, a family pulled up. The mom mentioned how cool this was. We agreed.

During a visit at the Homestead National Monument near Beatrice, one of the park rangers told us the daughter-in-law created the art display to make people smile. It worked.

IMG_4291We stopped at the hay bales on our way back from Beatrice. There were four cars and a motorcycle parked at the site. So, I would say the goal of making people smile worked.

So, if interested, it’s worth the drive.

Lisa with the minions
Lisa with the minions