National Women’s History Month: Midwesterners make their mark

Throughout history, women have achieved several accomplishments that many believed were “man’s work.” How about setting records as an airplane pilot? Writing award-winning books? Running a successful newspaper? These were achieved by women with Midwestern backgrounds. March is National Women’s History Month. I thought it’d be interesting to spend some time throughout the month recognizing […]

Midwest Halloween season means pumpkins and frights

The haunting season is upon us. In a few weeks, little monsters, goblins and even some super heroes will be knocking on doors and begging for treats (I’m more of a pull tricks on the little creatures kinda guy). But, since some of us (as Lisa has reminded me several years) are too old to […]

Nell Hill’s celebrates Christmas in Atchison, Kansas

I tried to fight the good fight. I was trying to hold off listening to any Christmas-related music until around Thanksgiving. I was willing to start the iPod playlist of about 1,100 holiday songs that week. But, then, it hit me. Omaha has two radio stations already playing Christmas music. I found one of them, […]

Atchison history comes alive at depot museums

The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. Train enthusiasts recognize the name of this railroad right away. Music enthusiasts may quickly recognize the words from the song of the same name. The railroad was often referred to as Santa Fe railroad. Funny thing, the railroad never operated in Santa Fe. The railroad operated from Atchison to […]

Mount Vernon Cemetery gives look into Atchison history

Mount Vernon is a classic-looking cemetery. The Atchison location is the final resting place for several notable Kansans. The cemetery was built in 1864 and overlooks beautiful lake areas from a hillside a few miles outside of town. Amelia Earhart’s maternal grandparents are buried here. The Otis family has a family plot area. Her grandfather […]

Atchison walk provides nice look at community

Atchison may be the birthplace of famed aviator Amelia Earhart, but it offers more for visitors to check out. The Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum may be the most popular attraction in the northeast Kansas city of about 11,000, but the Missouri Riverfront offers a great view, The city has a river walk that runs about […]

Amelia Earhart hails from Atchison, Kansas

Amelia Earhart sought to become the first woman to fly solo around the world in the 1930s. Sadly, she didn’t make it. Earhart’s plane disappeared near the Nukumanu Islands in the Pacific Ocean. She was en route to Howland Island. Earhart’s flight started in Miami, Florida, June 1, 1937. Her plane disappeared July 2nd. Her […]

Who you going to call? Atchison may be Kansas’ most haunted city

Maybe, Atchison should call Ghostbusters? Atchison is considered the most haunted city in Kansas. Cable networks have done specials highlighting some of the homes in the city. The Missouri River city has a population of about 11,000 and is just inside the Kansas border. It was home to 52 millionaires during its heyday. That meant […]

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