Christmas 2016: Kansas City dazzles as the Midwest’s ‘City of Lights’

Editor’s Note: This holiday season we are taking a look around the country at events and attractions that celebrate the holiday season. Today, we visit Kansas City to check out this year’s events and some of the wonderful light displays and events the area has to offer… Forget being the City of Fountains. Kansas City […]

Tour the dining world in Missouri’s Pulaski County

Something from Column A. An item from Column B. Next thing you know, you’ve traveled the world, tasting some of the best food there is to offer. All, within a 15-minute drive. This is the culinary world of Pulaski County in Missouri. A taste of Asia. A dabble of Europe. And who can pass up […]

Pulaski County’s rail history is told through the Frisco Trail

Pulaski County cuts through the south central portion of Missouri. The county seems to be separated almost in half by Interstate 44, which eventually runs to St. Louis. The county’s history seems to be divided by that line, as well. The southern half runs along a part of the famous Route 66, which connects several […]

5 Reasons to Visit St. Joe, MO this Fall

Can you feel it? The slightly cooler temps, the additions of all things apple and pumpkin and the color of leaves on the trees starting to turn hues of red, gold and orange. It is Fall. It is probably our favorite time of year. Fall is an ideal time to make a visit to St. Joseph, […]

Civil War reenactment highlights Pulaski County’s Old Settlers Day celebration

Waynesville, Missouri, likely saw more Civil War action during its recent Old Settlers Day than it did during the actual Civil War in the 1860s. Pulaski County, which Waynesville is the county seat, experienced skirmishes between the Union Army and Confederate soldiers and sympathizers. The Union army actually operated a fort atop a hill overlooking […]

Driving Route 66 through Pulaski County, Missouri

Long before Route 66 ran through Pulaski County, Mastodons roamed south central Missouri. Native Americans used the trail to hunt animals. White settlers used the route to travel to Springfield and St. Louis. In the early 1900s, it was a gravel road. Then, in the mid-1920s, Route 66 was built to run from Chicago to […]

History runs through Pulaski County, Missouri

More than 100,000 Native Americans were forced from their homes in the southeastern United States and marched thousands of miles to “Indian territory” (now Oklahoma) in the late 1830s. This forced migration has been known as the “Trail of Tears.” The march found its way along the Roubidoux Creek in Waynesville, Missouri. Natives camped here […]

Albert Lea – Beauty, history and Minnesota lakes

  Mrs. C and an early rocker hail from a small southern Minnesota city. Marion Ross and Eddie Cochran grew up in Albert Lea. They were each proud of their hometown. Ross – who rose to fame in the role of Mrs. Cunningham on the 1970s hit television series “Happy Days” – routinely returns home. […]

Football, history and art highlight St. Joseph day trip

The Kansas City Chiefs call St. Joseph home for a few weeks every summer as they prepare for the upcoming National Football League season. St. Joe has been the host site for the summer camp for more than five years. I’m not a Chiefs fan. I pay attention to how they do because I’m a […]

Hallmark: Celebrating Mother’s Day

Millions of moms around the world will open that special envelope today. The Mother’s Day card. And you know your kid cared enough to give you the very best if it says Hallmark. Or so the tagline goes. Actually, Mother’s Day cards can be traced back to the Kansas City-based company. While Mother’s Day has […]

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