Dubuque – Tour the Mississippi Riverfront Giveaway

Dubuque inclineWe were on our way to the start of our vacation in Wisconsin last summer.  Just before we hit the Wisconsin border, we drove by Dubuque, IA.  It immediately caught my eye as a place that I wanted to come back and check out later.  Something about the look and feel even from the brief view from the car drew me in.

We returned to Dubuque this past May.  We spent a weekend exploring and experiencing Dubuque.  We got an eagle’s view of the Mississippi River, took a historical ride to the top in an elevator, tiptoed through the hostas at the botanical gardens, explored life on the Mississippi and took a spin through the city on 3 wheeled trykes.  We enjoyed our weekend in Dubuque and would like to share an opportunity to experience it too!

We want to thank Travel Dubuque for providing the items for this giveaway!

4 Tickets to Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium
Large Gray Dubuque Crewneck Sweatshirt
4 Tickets to Potosi Brewing Company National Brewery Museum
1 Bottle of Mississippi River Red Wine from Park Farm Wine

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