Omaha! Omaha! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Omaha! Omaha! This is where Tim and I call home.  We are proud of our city.  There are so many things to see and do, and we are always finding new nooks and crannies to explore.  Of course, we have our favorite places that we love to go back to over and over, as well. We […]

Taste and Sounds of Memphis -Giveaway

Elvis, Beale Street, B.B. King, and style of BBQ that is all their own.  This – and so much more – is Memphis.  We have been there now twice over the years.  Both itineraries were so different as there is so much to do in this city. It would be really hard to take it […]

Dubuque – Tour the Mississippi Riverfront Giveaway

We were on our way to the start of our vacation in Wisconsin last summer.  Just before we hit the Wisconsin border, we drove by Dubuque, IA.  It immediately caught my eye as a place that I wanted to come back and check out later.  Something about the look and feel even from the brief […]

Museums and More in St. Joseph, MO – Giveaway

We used to think that St. Joseph, like probably many  cities, was just a stop on the way to Kansas City.  We have learned in the past few months that it is much more than that.  We had been there before to see the Pony Express Museum, and to take in a little bit of […]

Omaha Culinary Tour & Magnolia Hotel Stay Giveaway

It’s obvious we love to travel.  We are also big fans of our hometown of Omaha.  One thing that we love about this city is that we are always finding new things to discover. One prime example is the Magnolia Hotel Omaha.  We go downtown often enough that you would have thought that I would […]

Experience St Louis Family Getaway Package – Giveaway

Our third blogging birthday celebration continues with a look back to another favorite Midwest destination – St. Louis MO.  Missouri is known as the “Show Me” state, and St. Louis has a lot to show off. We’ve visited St. Louis several times over the years, with our latest trip being this past February. We visited […]

Midwest Travel Inspiration – Giveaway

As we mark our third anniversary of travel blogging, we’ve seen and learned so much about Midwestern influence on American history. From Abe Lincoln’s Springfield IL to the river boats of the Mississippi in Cape Girardeau to Buffalo Bill in North Platte, the Midwest has so much to offer for visits and sightseeing. Springfield, IL […]

Kansas City BBQ and Culture Giveaway Package

We are big fans of Kansas City.  We’ve visited the city several times as it’s a short 3-hour drive Omaha.The neat thing about the Fountain City is that we can find something new to do on almost every visit. In the past year we made ourt first jaunt to City Market where we found spices […]

Falling for Bridges of Madison County & Handmade Scarf Giveaway

The first time we visited the Bridges of Madison County in 2000 was actually a last minute decision.  We and our friends Mark and Ron  went to the Nebraska Husker game at Iowa State Cyclones in Ames the first weekend of October.  The day of the game should have been around 54 degrees (average). Instead, we froze at […]

It’s our 3rd birthday!! And we want to give you gifts

Three years ago today we posted our first story – Leafing Time Is Here. We have come a long way since then, sharing our love of travel, the Midwest, food and our home of Omaha. We enjoy sharing our adventures, and appreciate your support. We hope we’ve been able to help inspire your travels. We have several exciting events coming […]

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